Designing and building web sites

A choice of web sites design and building services for businesses, using advanced technologies and emphasizing a convenient and useful user experience which will promote business activities on the internet.

Establishing online shops

Virtual shops have become well known in everything connected with internet commerce; today every business can easily sell the products throughout the internet, with possibilities of delivering, clearing payments and more.

Web sites accessibility

According to the Law of Accessibility, the accessibility to internet sites and Wordpress sites in particular – enable people with handicaps to benefit from your internet site and from the service you provide as a business.

Mobile adapted sites

Today the cellular phone and the tablet serves as a computer for your customers – adapting your site to them enables your customers to purchase your services at any given moment at any place wherever they are located.

Updates and changes

Your site represents your business, which requires changes in order to renew and refresh it for veteran customers and to be more interesting for new customers – renewing your site is one of the best methods for promoting your business.

Boutique sites & personal design

Building a special exceptional site to be different to other sites on the internet – no longer the same design – but unique and personal for you.

A bit about me

After many years of working in Haifa I realized a dream with my family and we went to live in the desert at Mitzpe Ramon.

Here I started as an independent internet site designer and builder, and in this way I found the correct combination for me and my life in the unique surroundings, in achieving and creating a personal and professional life. My work is characterized by personal relationships, carefully listening and identifying customers' needs and presenting the nature of the business as a useful, unique and professional site. The sites that I build emphasize the uniqueness and added value of the business and serve them in the best possible way.

My education and experience as a developer and builder of sites in companies such as McCann-Valley, Pionet MailVision, Realcommerce, together with a BA education in Plastic Art – enables me to express my creativity and design sites which give a total response and assist you by creating an attractive and eye-catching representation of your business's internet media.


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And turn your dream into an internet reality.


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